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Timeless Strategies

Things that change are amazing. They can fuel massive growth.

But change by itself is hard. Investors have to spot it before it’s obvious. Consumers have to change their behaviors to make it viable. Those two points repel each other like magnets. And things that change tend to keep changing.

In the last 100 years we’ve gone from horses to jets and mailing letters to video facetime. You can make big, long-term bets on these things, because there’s no chance people will stop caring about them in the future. But every sustainable business is accompanied by one of a handful of timeless strategies;

  1. Lower prices
  2. Faster solutions to problems
  3. Greater control over your time
  4. More choices
  5. Added comfort
  6. Entertainment/curiosity
  7. Deeper human interactions
  8. Greater transparency
  9. Less collateral damage
  10. Higher social status
  11. Increased confidence/trust