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10 Types of Innovation: The Art of Discovering a Breakthrough Product

From an article, 10 Types of Innovation;

Innovations can be categorized within a range of 10 distinct dimensions—and anyone can use the resulting strategic framework to analyze the competition, to stress test for product weaknesses, or to find new opportunities for their products.

Here are the 10 types of innovation:

  1. Profit Model – How you make money
  2. Network – Connections with others to create value
  3. Structure – Alignment of your talent and assets
  4. Process – Signature of superior methods for doing your work
  5. Product Performance – Distinguishing features and functionality
  6. Product System – Complementary products and services
  7. Service – Support and enhancements that surround your offerings
  8. Channel – How your offerings are delivered to customers and users
  9. Brand – Representation of your offerings and business
  10. Customer Engagement – Distinctive interactions you foster

10 Types of Innovation