# Digital

Own your content, use eveything else as tools.

Physical devices should be entirely replaceable. We believe in owning our data, in spite of the "Cloud". However, at-least one copy of every content lives somewhere online/backup where we can easily get it back when needed. The idea is to be able to use any computer easily instead of one computer perfectly.

Here are the assumptions so you can be able to maintain something like our setup or better;

  • You are technical enough to read, and follow instructions.
  • You can search your problems, and try available options.
  • You are comfortable tinkering with your device settings and preferences.

We leverage the Apple Ecosystem to get things done. We do maintain backups of most options, so we can walk out of the ecosystem when needed. We will lose the seamlessness but things should still work.

We run most other services in the Linux Ecosystem, while leaving the content part easily accessible across environments.