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Apple has a closely knit computing ecosystem. We leverage the ecosystem to get things done easier, and seamlessly.

We try to stay with the default native apps and programs that comes with the OSes as much as possible. However, you still need few must-have tools, utilities, and programs that you need to get things done.

We also try to backups of our content in either open or universal formats to be able to move and decouple from Apple smoothly, if needed.

Here are some of the key non-apple applications that we use regularly;

  • 1Password. At the start of the 21st century, we started with Keepass as the entry into the world of Password Management but moved to 1Password (2006) since its beta and haven't looked back. Bitwarden is Open Source Password Manager. Waiting for Bitwarden to polish its UX a little bit more and will likely transition from 1Password.
  • Alfred, with its PowerPack, is the primary utility that drives the regular task that happens on the MacOS. If you do have PowerPack, look into its WorkFlows.
  • Bartender (Free Alternatives: Hidden Bar) for Better Menubar management, hide infrequently used apps.
  • Dropbox for file storage management and sync across devices. App specific, settings, common family files and documents are left on iCloud.
  • Grammarly + Hemingway App + iA Writer for a simpler, cleaner, and clearer writing. Language Tool is decent Grammarly alternative (testing).
  • Little Snitch to look at what the computer is connecting to. Lulu from Objective-See is a free, open-source alternative firewall that aims to block unknown outgoing connections.
  • Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.
  • Rectangle for windows management and positioning. This is a simple but fantastic tool. If you are looking for a few more features and customization will also like the paid Rectangle Pro version.


  • A curated directory of 700+ Mac menu bar apps.
  • Stats is a free and open source macOS system monitor in your menu bar.
  • Sindre Sorhus is a one-guy wonder that builds some of the most well-designed macOS Apps (many free ones).
  • Low Tech Guys are two smart guys with some pretty nice macOS apps.