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While there are a lot of organizational patterns and processes, PARA is a simple, easy to get started, and extends when needed.

  • Projects
    • For each folder in the PROJECTS folder, there is a clear definition of “done.” To keep a chronological overview, you label each folder with start and end dates.
    • Folder: “Project Name (YYYY-MM)”
    • Folder for Completed: “Project Name (YYYY-MM - YYYY-MM)”
  • Areas
    • Folders in the AREAS are kind of the opposite of projects. Area folders label ongoing work without predefined end dates. You never finish “area folders” because of the work’s repetitive nature.
    • In your private storage, folders in your Area would be house, car, travel, hobbies, friends, product development. As a business owner, you would have a folder for employees or office management here.
  • Resources
    • RESOURCES is where the bundled knowledge comes together.
    • Topics or interest that may be useful now or in the future. This folder is your treasure, where your bundled knowledge comes together.
    • A folder within Resource is a topic of ongoing interest. For example, typical resource folders could be project management, online marketing, SEO, productivity, or architecture.
  • Archives
    • ARCHIVES is where finished projects are moved/archived.
    • Inactive Items from the above three categories (Projects, Area, Resources).
    • When a specific project is done, and you filter all relevant knowledge to the resources folder, you move the Projects folder to the Archive. That’s it.

For more details and exhaustive explanation, how-to, steps and patterns, please read/refer to the following;