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Here are some of the routine which I stole, copied, and adapted to our own to make life simpler, calmer, quiter, and more humble.


Not, not like Steve Jobs but a defined set of clothes for their functions - Sports or Workout, Work, Casual. Stay within a set of colors and styles, so you are not thinking too much on what to wear or not.


Figure out a healthier, simpler routine that you are not bored of. For those who calls themselves "foodie" -- I have absolutely no idea what kind of a life is that.


Find an ideal work time, set a routine (try out few variations) and make a habit out of that.


Automate as much as possible. It is OK to manually pay bills but do them in batch and a set time/day/date.

Fewer but Quality

Try to have quality products and have fewer of them.


Try to have separate and be ready to just pick up items for Travel -- medicine, toileteries, shorts, sleep-ins, etc.


Learn the details of your Operating System and its native applications/programs, you will stop looking for other programs to solve your problem. Take your time but learn once and it is for life. Stay within your comfortable ecosystem and don't get attached to anything in particular.

Have a routine for digital chores such as backups, cleanup, digitization, etc. A weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly review works. If you miss any, say a week, it won't matter as the next week or the month will pick it up where you left off. Doing it regularly will also avoid that chore-like feeling, it gets over pretty quickly.