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Decisions Automation

How automating my useless decisions helps me focus on what matters.

Inspired by an article — How Automating My Useless Decisions Helps Me Focus on What Matters — which helped summarise and solify the practice of liberatiing the mind from trying to make decisions for every actions.

Here are the rules and processes one can set around everything from grocery shopping to investing.

Set a deadline for the weekly/monthly shopping list

Shoppig for regular items, grocery, etc should not be something that needs planning every time it happens.

If it’s less than a certain budget threshold, don’t sweat it

Have a certain threshold of money limit for items that you don't need to worry about. Just get it and don't waste time trying to save on small coins.

Avoid phone calls

Every phone call is an interruption and a break in your thoughts. Batch phone calls and setup specific time to finish off phone calls. While with someone, give them full attention. You cannot do that if you have to answer each and every call that comes in.

Of course, you can set few numbers (families, VIPs) to bypass that DND (Do not Disturb). When with someone, ask their permission if you can answer the call.

No interviews and meaningless PR

Avoid interviews and PR that are meaningless. Unless it really helps a community, people in serving a cause, avoid meaningless public appearances.

Set rules around email

Automate investment decisions

Batch significant decisions

Don’t make any decisions when you’re pissed off or tired