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How to Live ON PURPOSE and Maximize Every Day

Have a weekly reflection and planning session

One day per week (Preferably Sunday), take 10–30 minutes reflecting on your past six days. How did they go? Try asking yourself the following questions:

· Who did I not meet this week that I should have? · What did I not do? · What did I miss? · What should I tighten up?

After assessing your previous week, make better plans for the next 6 days. Then, in 6 more days, do it again.

At the end of each day, make your game plan for tomorrow

Having a plan eliminates the burden of choice.

If you wake up without a plan, you will undoubtedly bounce from thing-to-thing without really doing anything. You won’t be focused or purposeful.

Focus on today, not tomorrow

During your day, don’t worry about anything else. Follow your plan. Crush it. Live today to the fullest and be the person you intend to be. After your day is complete, take a minute or two to outline your next day. Then, forgot about it until tomorrow morning.

Three month energy cycles

When it comes to your future, you have three vantage points. · Your vision (your WHY) = 10–25 years’ out · Your long-term goals (AKA your wild guess) = 36 months’ out · Your actual goals (AKA your realistic game plan) = the next 90 days

Framing your goals in three month increments gives you a clear and realistic future to sprint toward. Of course, these goals are based on your longer-term goals. However, your 3-month goal cycles are your main focus.

Just like your weekly planning sessions, every three months spend a few hours or even a full day reflecting on your previous three months. Make any adjustments you need and make better plans for the next three months.

Organize yourself

Organize yourself. Clean out the weeds. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. The very act of cultivating your garden will enliven you. You’ll never be finished. But every day, week, and year, you can make your garden a little more beautiful and fruitful.

Clean up your finances. Clean up how you use your time. Clean up your relationships. Cultivate.

Just a little bit every day. Once you start to get things organized, the soil of your life will be better suited for what you plant in it.

Always choose the harder right or “higher road”

Perfection is not the goal. However, consistently making better choices is the only way to get momentum. And momentum is exactly what you need. If you’re stuck, momentum is working against you.

It takes some work pumping the water-well to get it going. But it’s worth it. And it really only takes one great day to get it moving.