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To write better — read, read, read — then read some more.

The best of ideas often springs from moments of anger or frustration. Lean into that passion; it's your creative fuel. When it comes to putting thoughts in writing, go for "Strong beliefs, but be open to changing your mind." Share your ideas boldly, but always be on the lookout for smart and respectful folks who might challenge you.

On the hunt for great ideas, surround yourself with "out-of-the-box thinkers" who can't help but see things from different angles. They won't always hit the nail on the head, but they'll make you question your own thoughts.

In any organization, the person charting the course holds serious sway. Want to spot the rising stars? Check out who's writing the game plan. Even if they're not the idea factory, you'll know they've got the drive, motivation, and skill to organize and communicate ideas in writing.

Focus on what's happening right now while also reading a lot of things that were written decade or even centuries ago. The content is either timely or timeless, with almost nothing in between.

“I write so I don’t sound like an idiot when I speak.“ — Charlie Bleecker